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Mixed Media canvas "Dreaming of Seaside " DT Finnabair with Step-by-step Video tutorial

       Холст мечта о море, в котором я смешала разные Rust Effect пасты, добавила акрила и мика пудры. Очень простая технически, сложнее было разложить детальки))
Для видео МК я теперь стараюсь делать работы проще, чтобы начинающий любитель красочного безобразия смог не запутаться и может повторить, может какие то идеи для себя почерпнуть.
Далее весь текст на английском, видео я постаралась сделать не нудным и понятным.
Если будут вопросы спрашивайте, обязательно отвечу.

        Hello friends! 
Today and I'd like to inspire you with a new mixed media on canvas piece of mine with the sea theme.
I've always dreamed of living by the seaside and I hope that someday my dream will come true.
In the meantime, I collect different inspirational photos and I decided to reach for one of them and create a canvas to hang on my wall and be a reminder of this dream of mine...

       I just love all kinds of blues and I'm always fascinated by the shades of blue by the sea and of the sky above it. 
I wanted to create its vision on my canvas and to make it more interesting, I started by layering pieces of lace for texture. Soft Gloss Gel worked perfectly as my adhesive.

I covered the lace with Heavy White Gesso to prime my surface and get it ready for the paints and other color media that I wanted to use next.

       As for my seashore beach, Paper Texture Paste worked just amazing to create my first layer of rough, uneven texture. You will see in my video below how exactly I applied it and how easy it was.

        Then, I reached for Rust Texture Pastes which are brilliant to imitate sand!

I used the Camouflage set and one of the pastes from the Metal Rust set. You can mix and match all the pastes from different sets until you achieve just the tone you have in mind.

         When it comes to my beloved blues, I mainly used the gorgeous blue Patina Paste, Royal Blue Metallique acrylic paint and Mica Powders in Summer Sky and Deep Water.

        Then, it was time for my focal point embellishments - always a wonderful moment in the creative process! :)

I gathered all kinds of bits and pieces, reminding me of lovely little things you can find and collect during a walk by the sea... A feather, beads, bits of paper and lace, delicate cut out paper plants plus some Mica Flakes making marks on the sand and the magicals Art Stones that are just perfect to bring this project to life.

If just like me, you also dream of the sea, then I hope my work and video tutorial will inspire you to transport your dream onto paper or canvas. :) Please, enjoy!

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